Experience of others

Jan Kulagowski
Drug Discovery Manager- Parkinson's UK
“ELF is a proven opportunity and asset, with many examples of how it has been successful.”
Kamil Sitarz, PhD
Director of R&D Biology, Selvita
"ELF has the experience, facilities, resources, actually all the assets needed to successfully support drug discovery programmes."
Reuven Stein, PhD & Micha Fridman, PhD
Professors, University of Tel Aviv
“ELF is one of the most fruitful channels to translate a crazy academic idea into a drug.”
Fabrice Paublant, MBA
CEO, Cellipse
“The ELF scientists were clearly focused on one thing: the success of our programme.”
Graeme Wilkinson, PhD
Consultant Pharmacologist The Research Network
“We are in a really great position to celebrate some success achieved by working with ELF”
William Unsworth, PhD
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow Department of Chemistry, University of York
“The European Lead Factory represents a fantastic opportunity”
Laura Aitken, PhD
Research Fellow School of Biology, University of St Andrews
“Go for it and take advantage of the opportunity”
Chris Swain, PhD
Director / Founder Cambridge MedChem Consulting
“An absolutely fantastic initiative”
Richard Mead, PhD
Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, University of Sheffield
"We made incredible breakthroughs"
Monika Schütz, PhD
Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene of the University of Tübingen
"The assay requirements from the EU Lead Factory have become our standard guideline."
Margit Mahlapuu
Associate Professor in Medicine Inst. of Medicine, University of Gothenburg
“A unique opportunity for academic researchers”
Mike Rawling
Senior Scientist Proximagen Ltd, Cambridge, UK
"Experience within the European Lead Factory secured my next job"
Freek Janssen, PhD
Leiden Institute of Chemistry Molecular Physiology Leiden University
"My advice to other academics: apply as soon as possible!"
Christopher Schofield, PhD
Head of Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford
"An exceptionally successful collaboration"